Environment Protection

Products which orient themselves to people as well as their living space will be part of the future. Protection of environment at the Rommel GmbH means to carefully deal with energy and raw materials. At Rommel we put special emphasis on environmentally acceptable production and utilization of our products. Our window and façade elements are made of renewable wood material or long-life aluminium.


The lamination carried out at our own factory enables a high utilization of raw material while increasing the quality of the final products. Due to the application of modern filter units with heat exchangers in the painting area, and the chip extraction area, we reduce the energy consumption and sustainably relieve the environment. Paints are part of our environment and should not impact it. That means, the company Rommel consequently uses water-based lacquers.


„Where wood is planed, shavings will fly.“ (German proverb) Certainly, this also happens at ROMMEL. These wood shavings, however, are not waste for us. For years, we heat our factory halls and office buildings almost exclusively using a wood shavings incinerator. This environmentally-friendly heating reduces our carbon footprint and helps us avoid waste in the production area. Our environmental understanding, however, does not end with the delivery of the window elements. Careful and professional assembly assures that our windows and façades function for decades. This way we ensure quality and increase the value in use as well as the lifetime of the components. This is what we call environmentally compatible.